I'm the Note Goat. Nice!

Nicest Notes

your digital sticky notes

simple and powerful digital sticky notes

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Have you ever put a sticky note on your coworker's desk? With Nicest Notes, assigning notes is the same concept, except it saves trees.


Add a personal touch, and have a little fun with your notes! Some people like pink notes, and the note goat prefers blue and green notes.

its a web-app

That means your notes live in a cloud. They sync across the world, and you can access them with any device with a web-browser. Nice!

find notes fast

Organize your color-coded note categories so your most important one shows first. Filter notes by categories, assignees, tag or search term.

never lose notes

Remember that time you were done with a sticky so you threw it away, only to realize later that you didn't take down the number? Yeah, me too.

you'll love it

It may even change your life.

Digital sticky notes. Organize your to-dos, plans and projects. Nice!
Your notes are accessible from any device with a browser. Nice!
Designed for teams (and individuals)! Assign notes to your team members.
Create categories for notes, customize note colors and category sort order.
Assign due dates to your notes, and recieve notifications when due dates approach.
Prioritize notes as you create them, or drag and drop to reorganize your notes.
Find or group notes quickly: filter by categories, due dates, assignees, tags or search term.
Mark notes as 'done' to automatically move them to the completed list.
Due dates, assignments, replies, attach files, check-boxes, tags, prioritize, duplicate... nice.
Everyone on your team can customize their user photo, category sort order, category note colors and backgrounds. What? Nice.